We’ve Got a New Attitude!

Welcome to Artitudes! Fearless Kids Making Art!  This blog is facilitated by me, Theresa Cerceo. I’m the very lucky Visual Arts Educator in a small (but powerful) public school district in the great state of Maine!   This blog will include entries written by myself and my students.  It’s main purpose is to share not just the art being made, but the ideas surrounding the artwork, our feelings about artists around the world & throughout time, and issues surrounding the arts.  Our goal (mine and my students) is to document our art world with a blog that is student centered while building bridges in our community through the arts.   Photo on 8-20-14 at 10.04 AM #2

Welcome Back!

After a terrific summer full of art, learning and relaxation, I am ready to start off another SLAM!tastic year!

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SLAM! is ready too!

IMG_9977 (1)Welcome Back!

We wish you all an energized and inspired school year!

Summer Reading Reflections 8.5.16


Our district will be returning to school in a couple of weeks and while that might elicit moans and groans for some, I have to admit I am pretty excited to get back to work and to see my students.  I look forward to watching them explore media and ideas and  create original works that they are proud of, to watch them be creators. Art certainly does make children powerful!

This summer was wonderful. I relaxed,  made art worked on curriculum, arts advocacy and I read a lot; some fiction and some non fiction.  I intended to “blog” more but I have to admit I enjoyed the lack of structure the summer allows.  So I do apologize for my informal but enthusiastic book suggestions below.





Next week I’ll be attending two professional development opportunities. First, I’ll be at the ECET2 (Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teaching and Teachers.) conference.  While there I will be presenting on student led leadership and sharing the work of S.L.A.M.!  I also have the pleasure of learning from colleagues (from across content areas) on various topics related to Teacher Leadership .  Then, I will be at the MALI  Summer Institute.  MALI (Maine Arts Leadership Initiative) is made up by 80 +  teacher leaders in arts education from around the state that collaborate and create  professional development for arts educators in order to ensure high quality arts education for all students.  This institute is always enlightening and inspiring!   It is a terrific way to jump back into the school year!   

I have a lot of terrific opportunities and ideas for this coming school year. I look forward to diving back in and learning with my students!  I wish you all a terrific end to your summer and a magical start to the school year!




Summer Reading Reflections 7.12.16

It is Summer and although school is not in session, educators use this time to reflect and research in order to prepare for the coming year.

Since I do not have student work or student ideas to share, I am going to share some of the articles and books related to Arts Education that I am reading this summer.

This article, The Importance of Art in Child Development, from PBS Parents, shares why the arts are essential in education (To read the article, click on the image below.)