Introduction to S.L.A.M.! Part 2: The Arts Whisper (Why Don’t They Scream?) by Jasmine Demoranville, Grade 11

The Arts Whisper (Why Don’t They Scream?)

I want you to do me a favor.  Put yourself into the mind of a school board member or an  administrator.  There’s a very important question that they are sometimes faced with: when money is tight, are the arts important enough to keep?

Now, some will think that art is not important enough to keep. The maths and sciences are very important. Yes. And, I, a person who appreciates them with all her heart, gets that, but who said that art was not important enough to keep, that it was useless?

Useless, doesn’t that word make you cringe? The arts are essential for education. They’re part of history, part of our thought process, but I won’t get too into that, as my friend  covered that in the last blog. I bet you’re wondering when I’ll get to the subject of the title… Sometimes I go off topic, but I’ll get to the point now.  In the average school system there are only a small group of people in the school system—or in any system— that speak up for art. These are the artists, naturally, the musicians, and the art teachers. Maybe english teachers if we’re lucky. Down to the nitty- gritty — Why S.L.A.M.!?

Let’s say. every school has maybe 90% more students than teachers, and about 2% of the teachers (3% if we’re lucky) speak up about art. {Keep in mind that these values are estimated, they may not be accurate} The other 97-96% either don’t care, or haven’t really thought about it, and seeing this, the students follow. Art has been pushed to the side for too long! We have to raise awareness, and by bringing S.L.A.M.! into communities, we’ll be doing just that. If we can get 90% of people from every school to start appreciating the arts, the arts’ voices will go from a whispers to a roar. We’ll be heard by every school board, every disbeliever, and we’ll be seen as essential to education. Not to mention, if we get more kids integrated into the art community, just imagine what they’ll grow up to make for us! New movies, new books, maybe even another type of laptop or tablet. New paintings and sculptures. New bands will arise, maybe even another Shakespeare will come forward.   So really you have to ask yourselves — Do we want to lose a part of our history? A part of our expression? A part of our mind? Do we want to lose all the beauty that man makes? No. Do these children need to express themselves with lines and colors? Do we need art? Yes.

“Light will Recede” by Jasmine Demoranville


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