National Arts in Education Week: Quality Arts Education is Essential … A Second Grade Artist Speaks

One afternoon as I was reviewing a class’s Studio Habits of Mind  reflection sheets, Lily, a second grade artist,  stopped by the art room.  She was all seriousness and said, “Miss. I NEED to talk to you about something.”   I stopped what  I was doing and asked her what was wrong.  She looked quite upset so I thought she was going to tell me about something that occurred between her and another student, an incident on the playground or at lunch perhaps.  She took a deep breath and began telling me she was concerned because we had spent the first class “talking” and setting goals.  She said she knew the “talking is important”  but, and here she became very emphatic, “ I need to start my artwork!”   I responded in calming tone that I think she found a little condescending,  “I’m so glad you are ready to start creating.”  She became more visibly bothered and responded with,

“Miss, I need to start making art because I need to

start preparing for my art career!”

Wow. Needless to say, I had to pause.  I let her know that I thought her goal was fantastic and assured her we would definitely start art making next class.  Then, as I started to walk her to the door, a thought occurred to me, “Lily, would you like to share your ideas about art on the new art blog?”  Of course she was overjoyed at the idea.  What follows is Lily, in her own words (and enthusiasm!), sharing why the arts are essential in education.

Take it away Lily!

Art is fun!   When I grow up I want to learn more about art because I want to focus more on art. I think art, like painting, is stuff that when I grow up,  I want to focus on.

When I’m in sixth grade I am going to focus more and not rush so I can make my art  beautiful.  

When I grow up I want to teach a little bit about art because I think painting and art is fun. I think that it is the career I want to grow up with.

It is very important to have art in school because art inspires me.   

Working on art projects helps me learn to focus and it helps me focus with writing and other stuff.  I want to help others with their artwork, especially clay & painting.   I want to do more sculptures with clay.   I don’t want to rush because I want it to be beautiful.

Photo on 9-14-15 at 12.25 PM #2


6 thoughts on “National Arts in Education Week: Quality Arts Education is Essential … A Second Grade Artist Speaks

  1. Lol…great job Lily! ALL of your art is always make mom proud! Thank you for sharing this blog Ms. Cerceo 🙂


  2. I think you’re on a roll! Sharing your classroom, your experience, your love of ART and love for students is going to be fantastic!


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