The Arts are Essential …

Today’s reflection on why the arts are essential in education, comes from Andrew Guimond. 

Andrew is a junior GT Music student. His weapon of choice is the trumpet.  He also like to dabble in conducting.  His sophomore year, he auditioned for All Aroostook and made first chair.  This year, he plans to make All State.

” The arts are essential to education and our culture. Why have all the greatest movements in human history been aided by a new art form? Is it because men and women were bored and needed something to pass the time? No, art has aided the development of humans by influencing our cultures. 

The world views us through our cultures, and education is part of our culture. Much like reading at a young age, playing an instrument can boost test scores. Why is this? Music and other forms of art help develop neurons in the brain, by creating a stimulation. Also, music and the other arts are how we express ourselves. Without Art, the adults of tomorrow will have a duller expressionless, culture.
Art is what has divided the times. We must continue to express the need to have a developed culture, for our education, our children, and our future.”

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