The Arts are Essential in Education…

Today’s message comes from a mother – daughter team. Clair Pelletier teaches Language Arts and Drama at our high school.  Her daughter, Shelby is a second grade artist.


The Arts are of the utmost importance in every aspect of education.  Art is the thing that has always been there, since the dawn of time.  Since the theater in ancient Greece to the films that invade Hollywood (and our homes) art has transcended through time more than science, as the truth always changes, art stays the same. 

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Photo on 9-16-15 at 2.25 PM

If we don’t have art at school we don’t learn how make cool stuff.  
Its important to make something for someone.  People need pictures in the world to give away. If we didn’t have art people couldn’t make pictures.
I want to make pictures for people to make them happy and make new friends by giving them nice pictures.  


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