Artist’s Purpose, Student Voice

In preparation for a year of choice – based art class and to nurture critical thinking and the reflective aspects of the creative process, High School Artists are required to contemplate their purpose. This is an ongoing process that we begin with these questions:

What is your purpose in the world?

What is your purpose in art class?

How do these things relate?

Why are you here?

Here are just a few of their answers (of which I promised to keep anonymous).

“I am here for a few reasons, I don’t like how people think art is useless and stupid. Art is suppose to be something that is a free place for people to express themselves. I’m here to get better at Art and to prove those people wrong.  Art is something that many people think is stupid but I think it’s something amazing, it’s a place to help with stress and other emotions by expressing them.  That is why I’m here. I’m here to get better at Art and to prove people wrong!”

“Why am I here? For the simple passion for art. Art is a way to express emotion deep in your thoughts. Not only that but it’s just fun, it’s a way to express your imagination and try different things. There’s always room for improvement, and that is what is so great about art, you always try to improve, nothing is too easy, or too hard, as long as you try and use imagination, and confidence, most importantly, in your work.”

“I am here because I like drawing. I like to express my feelings. I like the way that water colors blend in. I also like to draw random things. I really like to use clay a lot. Because I like to make a lot of my artwork 3D standing. I like to paint a lot of my artwork. I really like that when I start to draw I find other ideas to add to my drawing.”

High School Artists  engaged in a group critique.
High School Artists engaged in a group critique.

2 thoughts on “Artist’s Purpose, Student Voice

  1. Beautiful to think about…why are we here, in the place of art making. Drawing opens up a space in my brain that stores my favorite images. I never feel that way when i work at anything else.


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