The Arts are Essential…An Alumna Voice

This week’s alumna post is from Niki Oakes, Wisdom High School graduate from 2015.  While at Wisdom, Niki was a GT Art student and a dedicated member of the art club.  She is currently studying New Media at University of Maine, Orono. 

Art has effected not only my overall education, but my life in general. Art is a way for people to express themselves, and I’m not just talking about “professional artists”. I think it’s essential that everyone learns the basics of art, and more importantly how to use art to express themselves. Ways I used art to express myself in my high school was creating various different characters purely from my imagination and making them come to life through my art.

Trust me, you won’t always get your idea out on paper the first time either. When I started creating characters, I didn’t know anatomy, or facial proportions, or how to pose figures to create the illusion of movement. I look back at my first drawings, and laugh at how bad I find them now. But looking back, I can see how far I’ve come.
Freshman Year
Senior Year
Middle School
Junior Year

Now that I’m in college, I can’t express enough how much I miss high school art. Enjoy it while it lasts because if you don’t like it now and you have to take art in college (which you most likely will) you will struggle SO much.  I have been able to make some more fun designs in my New Media class.


One thought on “The Arts are Essential…An Alumna Voice

  1. great to save your work and see the changes over the years. making art is exciting and learning techniques makes the process so freeing. i guess we never stop learning and changing.

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