Snapshot 11.2! SLAM! Art Advocacy in Action

In addition to the Artist Trading Cards that SLAM! made for the MEGAT conference (see previous post), they also created the sculptures that served as centerpieces for conference tables.   The sculptures were donated by SLAM! to the Gifted and Talented teachers who attended the conference. These photos were sent to SLAM! after the conference to show us the sculptures’ new homes.  Thank you teachers! It is wonderful to see SLAM!’s artwork migrating across the state!


This lovely SLAM! sculpture is now at home with Gorham Art Teacher, Amy Cousins
SLAM! sculptures & ATCs brightening up the desk of Madawaska’s music teacher, Josh Bosse

If any other GT teachers have a SLAM! sculpture, we’d love to see a picture of it in it’s new home! Please send us photos at and thank you for all you do to support quality arts education in your district!


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