SLAM! Responds

Recently, a clothing store stocked their shelves with this children’s t-shirt.


Here are some responses from SLAM! students:

Everything from the homes we live in to the clothes on our back, our cell phones, were made by an artist, whether it be an architect, a clothing designer, interior designer, etc. Someone created everything. An artist. So why is art important? We wouldn’t have anything. That cell phone you have, that wouldn’t exist. Bottom line, the world wouldn’t be the same and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for art. Parents should be proud if their kid wants to become an artist, cause that kid, he’s gonna change the world. We are all young aspiring artists. No matter who we are. Not everyone knows that yet. – Megan


I think these shirts are offensive because they degrade the pride and legitimate value of being an artist. They imply that being an astronaut or the president is “better,” or what kids should aspire to be, not lowly artists. They imply that wanting to be an artist is a ridiculous ambition. This is insulting to people who work or are involved with the arts.- Daley


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