Snapshot 1.5.16! Studio Habits of Mind

Stretch and Explore : Students create art through exploration of their surroundings

This time of year, during recess, you can witness the students exploring the vast sculptural possibilities of snow; carving, scooping, tunneling, piling, rolling (one could relate it to Richard Serra’s list of verbs).  Today, one child started wiping away the most recent layer of powdery snow, reaching the crusty layer underneath that evolved out of last weeks ice storm.   The artist discovered through specific manipulation that she could carve a shallow shape with her finger  and lift it, horizontally, up and away from the snow, coming up with a sheet of hard snow, 1/4 inch think in the whichever shape she desired.  Other students seeing this were immediately intrigued. Pretty soon almost all students began to mimic the technique. The student below took it a step further by collaging multiple shapes to create pictures.  Below is 6th grade artist, Alex and “Penguin with his Heart.”


Photo on 1-5-16 at 1.45 PM #2



Photo on 1-5-16 at 1.45 PM


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