Theater Review by Natalie Oakes

The play “Cafe Murder” put on by the Wisdom Drama Club this past weekend, was an experience like no other!


Before the performance, the audience was served, by the cafe wait staff, a delicious dinner featuring such Cafe Murder specialties as Franc’s Menacing Minestrone Soup, Blackbird Salad Sandwiches,  and Pernicious Ployes!

Once the play started the audience was brought into an interactive murder mystery! The Maitre d,’ played by junior Daley Pedersen, acted as narrator and guided the audience through the mysterious murder of the very rude Rosemary, played by sophomore Riley Theriault (whose death involved a water allergy and a tricky light switch).



This play had everything! Not only was there dark and suspenseful times during the play, it was a goofy and fun adventure for the dining people who got to go along with the first time detective, Detective Harris, played by senior Sarah Harris.


With the help of the guests at the event, the very diverse and lovable characters were able to end the mystery and let the people relax for another day. The Wisdom Drama Club did a wonderful job!





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