Art is Essential to Education

With Art, We Communicate

Today, Kindergarten looked at the work of painter, Mark Rothko.   Looking at abstract art with small children, one witnesses the fact that humans are biologically driven to create and that our brains are meant to understand the universal language of the arts.

White Center, 1950

Without any explanation from me, the students viewed each Rothko painting with pure delight, impressed with his juxtaposition and overlapping of color.

They enthusiastically yelled out their observations. Every new painting, brought forth more exclamations,

“LOOK at the ORANGE! Its like the SUN!”


“It’s FIRE!”



Without instruction, or needing to understand why Rothko painted what he did,

  they got it.

Instinctively, they. like Rothko, know the power of color!

No. 61, 1953

Colors can make us feel.

 Untitled (Yellow, Orange, Yellow, Light Orange), 1955


Color is universal.

Color can communicate when words can not.

Like letters, colors placed in various combinations, can create a varied language.



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