Arts are Essential in Education, an Interview with First Grade Artist, Joshua Theriault


Our featured artist is first grader, Joshua Theriault. Josh is a very prolific artist with his own studio at home!

What is art?
(Art is) something that I make and it is a masterpiece like when you use a pencil and crayons and make a picture. That is called art. And some people make art and they are artists.
Are you an artist?
When are you an artist?
Everyday. I want to go downstairs but I can’t always go work down there.
What is downstairs?
Its a big room with a 100’s of things to make art with!
What kind of art do you make?
A long time ago I tried to make a train out of cardboard. It was a little hard.  I couldn’t get the wheels to turn.
Whats your favorite thing to make art with?
My desk! It has a built in light and the part you work on lifts up and it has crayons, pens, pencils, 3 or 4 containers of crayons, paint brushes, markers!
What is the best thing about having art in school?
Its always messy and you get to make stuff. Like I could build a tractor!  Joshua continued to give every a very detailed description of all the steps involved.
Is there anything else readers should know?
I made a welcome mat. It is outside but the paint is coming off. I would like to challenge myself to do that!  Josh pointed to an 18 x 24 student painting of a guitar.   It would be fun to paint on a big board!

The following artwork is work Josh did in his home studio and shared with me by his mother, a teacher at our high school.  

These are drawings Josh did (at home) of his trucks from different points of view.


Josh’s museum of Play – Doh sculptures.


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