Student Voice in the Studio

The holidays are here!   As is typical, this time of year brings a lot of happenings both in the school and at home with family and friends.  Let’s pause from the high energy of the season to check in with one of our senior Studio Art & SLAM! member, Andrew Guimond.

Andrew’s goal this year was to learn to use the pottery wheel.  Motivated initially by curiosity, then through taking ownership over his learning, he became empowered to continue this journey, developing his personal style in the medium, while coming to more deeply understand the artistic process.



  In Andrew’s own words,

“… today was a real life studio experience… I worked on several  pieces… I threw a jar with lid and trimmed a bowl…  If I wasn’t in this class, I would never  have this studio time… a chance to create in an atmosphere that is relaxed (free of deadlines) but is challenging.  (My process) isn’t forced and I’m not following another’s agenda.”



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