Student Voice: My Journey in Art Education

As part of their High School Studio Art midterm, students began constructing their artist statements. This will be a process we continue through the Spring, culminating in their final exhibition.   For this step in the process, students brainstormed a personal timeline and then used it to create an artistic expression.  I will be sharing some of this work over the week.  This first example comes from Kelly, a senior  who I have had the privilege of teaching since she was in 2nd grade.


Lone Wolf in Art by Kelly P.

Second Grade

Lone wolf using tools

Brush, pencil, clay

All of these on display

Overwhelmed takes full effect

Shaking in it’s fur, scared

Flash forward, freshman year

More intricate tools

Still that lone wolf

Even more scared to take the chance

Shading here, detail here, depth there

Everything whirling in, like a color snowstorm

Much less dangerous

Much more calm

Ink, yarn and ribbon, and paint

This lone wolf is not scared

Embracing the shade of every art piece

The color snowstorm is calm and gone


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