Student Artist, Student Voice


This blog post was written

by 4th grade artist, Ella Voisine.

Most of my photos are based on nature and animals. I own many animals like horses, cats, chickens, ducks and a dog.  I love to take photos of them so that I can see what the naked eye can’t see.


I am always outside, so I use some of my time taking photos. I take photos because I feel like we all need to see the natural beauty of nature and animals.

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I try to make my pictures look very natural so that they don’t look like I purposely set them up. I hope that sometime I will get a nice,real camera so that I will have good zoom, and I won’t have to come inside when my camera gets too cold. It can be very challenging to take photos, like when it is windy or when animals move.

Sometimes I just have to take a break because I cannot get quality photos.I think that many others should take photos so that the world can learn more about nature and animals. One of my inspirations is Paul Cyr. He takes many photos of animals and nature, and when I am older I want to take photos like him.


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