Student Voice from Grade 4

Alana is a 4th grade artist.   She works very hard to create works of art that are meaningful to her and reflect what she cares about,  like her favorite Youtubers (or Youtube personality). She wrote the following post unprompted, because she wanted to share her thoughts.  img_20190129_141523screen shot 2019-01-15 at 5.37.58 pm

Student Voice, A Tribute to Stan Lee

Stan Lee helped expand my imagination and develop my own heroes.  He was an amazing, funny person. We will miss and remember him. 

–  Ethan Hayes, Grade 8

ethan tribute

Figure Fridays

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Every Friday, High School Studio Art students practice a variety of techniques to strengthen their observational drawing skills.   Drawing from a live model, students are introduced to new methods meant to train their eye and give them a broader understanding of the artistic process. Written reflections allow students time to process their experience, their strengths, and the effectiveness of the technique in relation to what they have learned before and where they would like to go.

International Dot Day!

September 15th is International Dot Day.  Inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds, students all over the world create dot inspired art in order to celebrate our unique creativity!     Here are some of the dots made by our elementary students.  In addition to demonstrating their creative thinking, students also had to show their knowledge of materials and color theory.  All students, whether they were using paint, crayons or oil pastels, were only allowed to use the primary colors; red, yellow, and blue.  They needed to mix these in various combinations and ratios to make other colors.

Cody, Grade 2
Eliza, Grade 2
Phoenix, Grade 5
Wyatt, Grade 2
Jaidon, Grade 6
Ella, Grade 6



These dots will hang as part of a larger display that includes one dot from each child at our school, K – 6.

Welcome Back

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


A new school year has begun and we are off to an wonderful start! So much has happened since our last post.  We took time off from blogging last year but we are back with a lot of new ideas, new voices and new artwork and arts events to share! The beginning of a school year is a magical thing.   It is filled with enthusiasm, possibilities, a chance to make changes and to build on the previous year.  As we move forward let us remember all that we have learned and believe in all that we can become!

The I Believe In Art Manifesto By Victoria Lynn Hall