National Arts in Education Week, Part 1

For National Arts in Education Week, S.L.A.M.! has created a series of actions and activities to celebrate with the school!

They designed these pins to pass out throughout the school to promote awareness for the arts and a positive school culture. *


S.L.A.M.! set up a weaving loom in the cafeteria.  Students are encouraged help complete this weaving by choosing weft materials from the bin.  The finished work will be a Unity Weaving, a work of art created by the whole school.




Inspired by Americans for the Arts’ #BecauseOfArtsEd and ECET2’s Why I Teach… bubbles, students, teachers and staff are asked to share how the arts have impacted their education and their life.


Stay Tuned! There is more to come!


What is National Arts in Education Week?

In 2010 Congress, through Resolution 275, designated the second week of September to be National Arts in Education Week.

The arts are an essential part of a complete education, no matter if it happens in the home, school, or community. Students of all ages—from kindergarten to college to creative aging programs—benefit from artistic learning, innovative thinking, and creativity. Celebrating National Arts in Education Week is a way to recognize this impact and share the message with friends, family, and communities. – Americans for the Arts

* The idea of the symbol pins was inspired by the ECET2 ME conference where attendees were encouraged to pass out pins to people who inspired them or helped them find their voice.



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